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Our clients range from small to large law firms, in-house legal departments and Barristers' Chambers, mainly in Sydney.


Staff partners, human resource managers, office managers and individual practitioners brief us to find legal support for their firms. Lawyers with specialist expertise or strong single area practices usually need support-staff who understand the area of practice, and we are very capable of providing you with these legal personnel.


We pride ourselves in giving each client our full attention when assisting them with their recruitment.

We Specialise

We specialise in the recruitment of legal support staff and legal professionals for law firms and Barristers' Chambers. This means we have a deep understanding of our clients' industry, their recruitment needs and the particular roles we are recruiting for. 


Our expertise and knowledge of legal firms means that you get the calibre of candidate that you need, the first time. We eliminate the time and stress associated with resume reading, reference checking, skills testing, first round interviews and initial salary negotiations. 


Moser Legal Support specialises in quality temporary, contract and permanent legal support staff including:


  • Professionals

  • Legal Secretaries

  • Paralegals

  • Legal WP Operators

  • Legal Accounts Staff

  • Legal Office Managers/HR

  • Legal Receptionists

  • Office Juniors

We can provide you with several hiring solutions to suit your office

  • Full-Time Permanent Placements

  • Part-Time Permanent Placements

  • Long-Term Temporary Employees

  • Short-Term Temporary Employees

  • Contract Assignments

Our Fees

Our fees are competitive with other specialist legal recruiters in Sydney, without compromising on our quality and service.


We are aware of the strong competition in the legal recruitment field and we try to be flexible on fees where possible. 


Please contact us for a copy of our Fees and Guarantees for permanent and contract placements and for temporary assignments.


For both temporary and permanent staff, our fees cover work in sourcing the candidates, interviewing, complete reference checking, briefing you prior to interview, and the licence fee costs of our skill testing programs (administered to our preferred candidates).


Our fees are competitive with other specialist legal recruiters in Sydney, without compromising on our quality and service.

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Request a copy of our 2023-2024 Salary Survey here:

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