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About Us

Why choose Moser Legal?

We are a boutique recruitment agency where you will get personalised advice and help when considering the next move for your business or for your career.  

We know our clients very well and we pride ourselves on knowing and understanding the needs of each candidate who walks through our door. Your success is our success and we want the recruitment experience to be a good one for you.

The Procedure

Whether you approach us or we approach you, the key to success is communication. 

We ensure that each of our Clients and our Candidates are kept in the loop during every step of the recruitment process.  

This is integral to the simple flow of the procedure at Moser. 

Our Promise To You

At Moser, we promise to deliver the best knowledge and understanding of Sydney's Legal industry. 

We will provide you with the most up to date information in your field.

Our primary obligation to you is to listen to your short term and long term plans and to ensure that we strive to achieve them with you. 

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